We welcome your stories, articles and especially your event ads. Our goal is to work with you to make this THE website for Vendée travellers as well as local expats and small business to enjoy and share on social media, resulting in more exposure for the Vendée area. DUE COVID-19 AND THE AFTERMATH IN THE TOURISM AND HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY, ALL SMALL BUSINESS PROPRIETORS IN THE VENDEE ARE WELCOME TO LIST THEIR BUSINESS, OR TO WRITE A BLOG POST ON OUR WEBSITE. THIS IS A TEMPORARY MEASURE VALID FOR ONE YEAR (TO BEGIN WITH.)
WE ARE HAPPY TO GUIDE YOU INTO MAKING YOUR OWN ADVERTISEMENTS AND ON SEND IN YOUR BUSINESS CARDS TO POST ON THE WEBSITE. WE CAN ALSO CREATE AN ADVERT FOR YOU (20 €) All content is and always will be subject to a high standard, with quality control, editing, and approval. We believe in you. PLEASE DON'T GIVE UP!
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About the Administrators

Hello and welcome! We are Brenda Valcke (nom de plume Brenda Faucon) and Price Hall, the lucky couple who inherited the In the Vendée website (and its companion The Vendée Pages) from a friend. As avid travellers and longtime expats, we thought long and hard about the future of the website, what it could become, and the skills we could employ to create something worth perusing. Having relocated to France from Georgia, in the U.S., we've lived in the Vendée for 3.5 years. In our former life we were senior systems-integration architect (him), and executive assistant/ budget manager in Information Technologies at the University of West Georgia. We have been working together since 2005! Before this, Brenda worked as hotel administrator/budget manager for a regional branch of Northwest Airlines and as budget manager/executive assistant in Information Technology Services at the University of West Georgia. Since migrating to France, most days consist of web design, writing, and programming. Our roles demand lots of reading, research, problem solving, keeping up with technology and marketing. Okay, yes, we’re quite possibly the geekiest husband-and-wife-team in the Vendée! But our work is our passion and taking over this website couldn’t be more perfect. We explore the area with gusto and have amassed thousands of images over the years. Merging all the tools in our toolbox, we are re-launching In the Vendé as a digital magazine that brings travellers and local expat businesses together. We promise to approach this project with the same unbridled passion we bring to our 'normal' workday at webservices.dramatis.

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