Fishing in the Vendée 2022

Lac-de-Jaunay-Julien Gazeau
From the Atlantic ocean, to lakes, to rivers, to the marais, and even fishing ponds, the Vendée catch (2nd category) includes bass, large conger eels, eels, trout, carp, pike, pike perch, roach, bream, rudd,  tench, sardines, and more. In the marais even the Louisiana red crayfish is present. With a total of 4,500 kilometers of waterways and approximately 1,400 ha of dam lakes (for production of drinking water) Vendée offers an ideal spot for every experienced to novice fisherman or fisherwoman.

Introduction to fishing in the Vendée
Once tourism season is over in the Vendée and holiday makers have returned home, the hotspots for fishing revert back to the tranquil retreats fishermen love. Hotspots for sea fishing include the beaches in La Faute-sur-Mer, L’Aiguillon-sur-Mer, and Les Sables d’Olonne. Where the Lay river meets the ocean, a sandy beach with a bridge over the river is an inviting spot from which to cast a line. Further north there are smaller, rocky beaches, near La Chaume. And Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie is not only famous for its generous sardines catches, the estuary where the river Vie river meets the ocean is also an attractive area for fishermen. If it's a muddier beach you're looking for, great fishing can be found near Bourgneuf-en-Retz as well as Beauvoir-sur-Mer. Two top lakes in the Vendée - Lac de Mervent (near Mervent, surrounded by beautiful forest) and  Lac de Rochereau (Monsireigne) - can be fished by anyone with a carte de pêche. The marshes (marais) are famous for eel and even crayfish. We can even attest to crayfish living in the ditches, a sure sign of a healthy, non-polluted environment!

When is fishing allowed in the Vendée?

Dates are determined locally by the prefecture.
**Decisions made by the Vendée prefecture for fishing 2022 in pdf (French) format here. In summary:

  • Brown trout and brook salmon (French: truite fario, saumon de fontaine) 
    • opening on Saturday March 12, 2022
    • closing on Sunday September 18, 2022
  • Rainbow Trout (French: la truite arc-en-ciel)
    • fishing is allowed year-round
  • Pike (French: brochet)
    • from 1st of January through 31 January 2022
    • from 30 April 2022 through 31 December 2022
  • Pike-perch (French: sandre)
    • fishing is allowed year-round except from 1st april to 29th april 2022 in the entire department of Vendée
    • except in the areas where pike-perch fishing is indicated as not allowed
  • Black-Bass (French black-bass)
    • from 1st of January through 29 April 2022 
    • from 1st July 2022 through 31 December 2022
  • Crayfish (French: écrevisse a pattes blanches, grèles, rouges; écrevisse de Louisiane our américaines)
    • Any crayfish with white, grey or red legs is not allowed, they are protected.
    • Red Louisiana crayfish or American crayfish may be caught year-round but, may not be transported alive
  • Frogs (French: grenouille verte, grenouille rousse)
    • Brown and green frogs: not allowed
  • Yellow eel (French: anguille jaune)
    • from 1st April 2022 until 31st August 2022 (with authorization)
  • Glasseel (anguille argentée), spiny eel (anguille d'avalaison), salmon (saumon), sea trout (truite de mer), shad (grande alose), sea lamprey (lamproies marine), river lamprey (lamproies fluviatile)
    • not allowed
Obtaining a fishing license in the Vendée
Interactive fishing map

Fishing lakes Vendee

Le Barrage d'Albert
85200 Saint-Michel-le-Cloucq
Lac d'Aprémont
85190 Maché
Lac de Finfarine
85440 Poiroux
Lac de Graon
85540 Saint-vincent-sur-Graon

Lac de Gué Gorand
85220 Coëx
Lac de La Bultière
85130 Bazoges en Paillers
Lac de la Chausselière
85600 La Guyonnière

Lac de la Vouraie
85480 Saint Hilaire le Vouhis
L'Angle Guignard
85110 Chantonnay

Lac du Jaunay
85220 La Chapelle Hermier
Lac du Marillet
85320 Château-Guibert
Lac de Mervent
85200 Mervent
Barrage de Moulin Papon
85000 La Roche-sur-Yon

Pierre Brune
85120 Vouvant
Lac de Rochereau
85110 Monsireigne
Lac de Finfarine (Sorin)
85440 Poiroux
Barrage de Vouvant
85120 Vouvant


Fishing rivers in the Vendée

La Boulogne
85140 Essarts
La Ciboule
85430 Boissière des Landes
La Crûme
85130 Tiffauges
La Jeune Autise
85240 Saint-Hilaire-des-Loges
La Maine (incl Grande and Petite Maine)
85600 Saint-Georges-de-Montaigu
La Mère
85120 Châtaigneraie

La petite Boulogne
85670 Palluau
La Sèvre Nantaise
85290 Mortagne-sur-Sèvre
La Sèvre Niortaise
85420 Damvix
La Smagne
85210 Sainte-Hermine
La Vendée
85200 Fontenay-le-Comte
La Vertonne
85440 Grosbreuil

La Vie
85670 Chapelle-Palluau
85150 Mothe-Achard
Le Falleron
85670 Falleron
Le Jaunay
85150 Martinet
Le Lay
85320 Mareuil-sur-Lay-Dissais
Le Ligneron
85300 Challans

Le Loing
85110 Chantonnay
Le Marillet
85320 Mareuil-sur-Lay-Dissais L'Issoire
85260 Les Brouzils
85000 La Roche sur Yon
Rivière du Goulet
85540 St Avaugourd des Landes
La Vie

La Crume

Fishing ponds in the Vendée

Étang de Faymoreau
85240 Faymoreau
85320 Pineaux
La Bretaudière
85310 Chaillé-les-Ormeaux

La Chausselière
85600 Guyonnière
Les Guifettes
85400 Luçon
Ouches du Jaunay
85150 Martinet

Plan d'eau de l'Oie
85140 Oie
85100 Sables d'Olonne
Site du Plan d'Eau
85120 La Tardière

Fishing marshes in the Vendée

Marais Breton
85300 Challans
Marais de Talmont
85440 Talmont Saint Hilaire
Marais des Olonnes
85100 Les Sables d'Olonne

Marais Poitevin
85200 Fontenay le Comte
Marais Vie et Jaunay
85800 Saint Gilles Croix de Vie
Note: links are approximate

Marais Poitevin
Marais Breton by Otfromentine
Marais Poitevin
Sources & informational websites
**Ehgo fishing tourism Vendee
**Federation de la peche Vendee
**Breme de la Vie
**Les 100 Secrets de la Sèvre Nantaise/
**Peche en Vendee
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