Lettuce wraps with beets, endive, and apple (v)

So crispy fresh and delicious

It's a salad, yes. How does a salad become finger food? Simple, by cutting everything extra fine and serving it as a wrap. A lettuce wrap - or in this case I also used endive leaf 'boats' - that is at once refreshing, crispy, slightly tart and goes well with any of our other apéro suggestions. It's just wonderful and I can't imagine it wouldn't be equally awesome as a stand alone salad throughout the summer season, or as part of a picnic. I'll be honest, people who don't like vegetables might not like this. But that's okay... more for those who do like this kind of thing!

Ingredients and preparation - Lettuce wraps with beets, endive, and apple - Vegetarian

Makes about 10 wraps plus some extra (see cup)

  • 1 fresh butterhead lettuce (laitue)
  • 1 sweet apple peeled (preferably Pink-Lady)
  • 1 stalk endive cut in half lengthwise and hard white core removed
  • 1 small can of cubed red beets  rinsed and drained
  • a few twigs of leaf parsley finely chopped
  • a handful of chives finely chopped
  • 1 teaspoon of fresh coriander finely chopped (optional)
  • ½ lemon - juiced
  • 2 tablespoons mayonnaise
  • 2 tablespoons Greek yoghurt (plain)
  • salt and pepper



  •  Rinse the lettuce
    • remove the outside leaves that are dark green and leathery
    • carefully remove leaf by leaf until they get too small in the center
    • one by one lay the leaves in a cold water bath with salt - rinse and repeat until all leaves are clean
    • rinse again in cold water without salt
    • set aside to leak (or pat them dry)
    • rinse the heart of the lettuce's leaves too and set aside separately
  • Slice the endive finely and add to a bowl
  • Slice or cube the apple finely and add to the endive in the bowl
  • Mix them with the juice of half a lemon (keeps color fresh)
  • Add the rest of the ingredients (beets, salt, pepper, herbs, mayo and yogurt)
  • Mix everything together with a spoon and taste for salt/pepper
  • Optional: chop the heart of the lettuce finely to mix into the salad. (I would not do this if not all of the salad will be used because the lettuce wilts. It's up to you. I used it but we ate it all in one go (it's that delicious!)


  • Place a lettuce leaf on a plate with the underside of the leaf towards you (you can remove the hardest part of the vein if you wish or just crack it when folding over)
  • Scoop up some of the salad in the center -
    • roll the bottom up, then the left side in, the right side in and fold it toward the top to make little packages or rolls (like a tortilla)
  • I also used some endive leaves as they work great and present well
  • Arrange everything on a serving plate with small plates on the side (it 'can' become a little messy)
  • OPTION: heat a flour tortilla, line with lettuce leaves (and sliced turkey or chicken or ham) to keep tortilla from becoming soggy, put filling in the center and wrap. 
  • Serve with apéro