Current tax rates in France 2021

SUMMARY of the main rates applied in continental France in 2021:

  • 2.1% for medicines reimbursable by social security, press releases, sale of live animals for slaughter to persons non subject to this tax, 140 first performances of theaters or circuses;
  • 5.5% for products of first necessity and operations having a social utility: this includes food, gas and electricity subscriptions, equipment and services for the elderly and the disabled, supply of heat produced by renewable energies, social housing, work to improve the energy quality of housing, deliveries of works of art made by their author books;
  • 10% mainly for the following operations: Passenger transport, accommodation, furnished rentals or classified camping, certain renovation and maintenance work on housing, restaurants, non-refundable medicines, entrance fees to cinemas, fairgrounds, museums, zoos, cultural sites, exhibitions, etc.
  • 20% for products or transactions that are not subject to 5.5 or 10% rate: all products or services that are not regulated by specific VAT rates are affected by this rate. (Importing/ exporting goods is part of this)

Changes coming from March 2022 once agreements are in place:

  • European Union finance ministers agreed to change EU regulations to cut the Value Added Tax (VAT) on goods and services related to fighting climate change, health protection and making the EU more ready for the digital age such as streaming cultural and sporting events.
  • It was also agreed to phase out by 2030 existing lower VAT rates on fossil fuels or other goods that add to greenhouse gas emissions, this to help the EU reach its target zero emissions strategy by 2050.
    • this includes bicycles, green heating systems and solar panels installed in private homes and public buildings
  • NOTE: the EU sets minimums - it doesn't set the rates for individual countries

Owning property:

  • Info on tax fonciere and related questions on taxes for constructing a new home, installing a swimming pool etc
    • Calculator:
  • Tax d'habitation is no longer applied