Bakery at Mouilleron-Saint-Germain is re-opening!

After the rather abrupt closure of the popular bakery in the village formerly known as Mouilleron-en-Pareds followed by many months of the Vival shop serving as bread-depot, there is finally good news for the community of Mouilleron-Saint Germain!

The bakery is reopening on  Thursday, September 19th, at 06h30 with Vincent and Sébastien (bakers) and Adeline and Léa (pastry chefs)

Opening hours
From Tuesday to Friday 06h30 to 13h00, and from 15h00 to 19h00
Saturday and Sunday 06h00 to 13h00, closed in the afternoon
On Mondays, the Vival convenience store remains your source for fresh bread
The bread vending machine on the main street through the village also remains operational.

Merci Mouilleron-Saint-Germain, Vincent, Sébastien, Adeline and Léa!

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